About Us

Shining Faces offers flexible hours of operations Mon-Fri 6:30am -6:00pm
Full Time, Part Time, Before and After School Programs, and Summer Camp registration available
Shining Faces is a daycare facility licensed by the Ministry of Education
Shining Faces caters to ages 16 months to 12 years
Classes have dedicated rooms which are tailored to facilitate the age and activities of the children.

Outdoor Play - Your child will be provided with 2 hours of outdoor active play each day (weather permitting) in a fully fenced in secured outdoor playground attached to the childcare centre. 

Toilet Training - In keeping with a child-centred philosophy, we do not believe in keeping a child out of any of our programs because they are not toilet trained. Each child develops at his or her own pace. We will work on a toilet training method with you and your child in a no-pressure, respectful way.  It is our goal to work with the parents so we are keeping the toilet training routine consistent.  Diapers & wipes are not provided by the centre for children.  We follow all public health guidelines for diaper changing routines. 

Rest/Sleep - For resting and sleep time children are provided with a cot and a cot sheet by the centre.  Please ensure that your child has a blanket for their bed.  Shining Faces will wash the cot sheets but the blanket will be sent home every other week with the child for washing. Please remember to return it to the centre on the following Monday. The children go down for their naps/rest in the afternoon.  Children who do not normally sleep will be given quiet activities on their beds. Provincial licensing requirements state that each child under the age of 6 years needs to have at least 1 hour of rest time/sleep time each day.

Shining Face's goal is to stimulate your child’s cognitive, intellectual, gross and fine motor skills through sensory and play-based learning activities.  Equally important we are focused on developing your child's independence, self confidence, social, and physical skills and creating strategic curriculum that will challenge your child's mind and abilities.

Shining Faces looks forward to offering a safe, happy and creative environment for your child’s first school experience!


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