Shining Faces provides all children with a morning snack, intended to compliment their breakfast at home, a warm lunch and an afternoon snack all which are Organic.  All snacks are served with spring water and all lunches are served with Organic 2% milk.  Daily vegetables and fruit will be part of our menu and all organic.  

All our menus conform to the Canadian Food Guide and the Day Nursery Act.

Shining Faces has all snacks, lunches and milk are delivered fresh daily from Organic Kids Catering.  Their meals are made of healthy and delicious homemade food and children’s favourites.  Their passionate team works hard to create menus that offer plenty of variety, provide allergy substitutions and leverage seasonally-available foods from local farms.  They use whole gratin, whole wheat and multigrain breads, pastas and rice to maximize the nourishment children get in each bite.  Menus are seasonally based to capitalize on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  The catering company's facility is 100% nut-free and shellfish-free.  Allergy-free meals are prepared in a separate area by a separate chef.  They can accommodate most allergies, multi-allergy requirements and dietary restrictions.  Everything they serve is developed and approved by their knowledgeable Nutritionist and by a third-party Registered Dietician.

Shining Faces posts our weekly menus on our announcements boards for parents' review and comments.  Please check out our sample menus from Organic Kids Catering.

Organic Kids Catering


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